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Stop wrestling time and begin to enjoy it. L9 your task list and allow us to handle the hassles of waiting in long lines, unreliable service providers, and inefficient customer service departments. Our goal is to provide you with convenience and time to do the things that you enjoy in life . It’s the relief button when life is too crazy or hectic. When you feel overwhelmed just L9 It and let us give you the break you deserve.

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As a full service Concierge, Level Nine has a menu of choices and no request is beyond our scope. We work with our creative team and business partners to create bespoke services and experiences for our clients upon request.It is often through unique requests that clients realize the full power & beauty of Level Nine.


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Service Teams & Descriptions:

Helping Hands:

Level Nine has a staff of reliable general laborers that are trained in customer service, background checked, and rated by customers on performance for individual feedback.  This team is deployed to perform basic labor functions for our clients to include: household chores, moving of furniture or items, cleaning, yard-work, house-sitting, dog walking, standing in line at the DMV,  general home maintenance functions, and other non-skill related items that arise.  This service is perfect for when you need a hand with a job, or just don’t have time to do the honey-do list.


Level Nine maintains a team of runners that essentially serve as the community’s courier network.  They know the city well, are exceptional drivers and make valuable use of their time to always stay on schedule.  This team serves our clients by making deliveries, picking up prescriptions or laundry, driving pets to the vet, transporting items from point to point, grocery shopping, and any other basic errand you can imagine.  This courteous team keeps you where you want to be, while they do the running.

Clerical Support:

Our team of clerical concierges is a background checked pool of professionals that are perfect to assist with the lighter side of your work-load.  Common tasks include:  processing paperwork, data entry, research, handling bills and insurance claims, reminders, calendar management, vacation planning, etc.  This is the heart of our concierge team and they provide outstanding support to our busiest clients.  They are exceptional at making things happen.

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Specialty Labor:

Beyond general labor and clerical support, Level nine does offer a team with specific skills to include design, organization, technical skills, and others.  This team stays booked helping our clients make the best use of space in their homes, organize playrooms and offices, select draperies and colors, and more.


Our professional driving team is deployed in support of our clients in three basic ways.  As a chauffeur or private driver, our professional (and licensed) drivers transport our clients in the comfort of their own vehicle so our clients can relax, work, or enjoy the evening.  Secondly, we offer our own fleet of vehicles that we operate.  Our vehicles can be upgraded from a standard car or SUV up to a Sprinter van limousine, capable of holding up to 15 people comfortably. The third option is our rescue ride, where Level Nine drivers show up and drive home our client and their car, so there is no inconvenience of being without a vehicle the next day.

Let the Professionals be with you!

Do you need chauffeur services for personal shopping errands? Are you planning a big event, but are in no mood to drive? Do you have plenty of chores lined up, but no time to handle them? Then let our helping hands help you out! From making deliveries to simple paperwork and clerical support to specialty labor, our errand services offer a range of solutions for your daily needs. With our personal concierge services, you need not worry about driving around in the dense traffic and let us take care of all your errands with the help of a skilled, trained and background checked workforce.

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Below are Level Nine’s Benefits:

While I’m at work, come pick up my car and take it to the shop, then return it to me when it is done.

I need a recipe for some sort of Italian dish and I need the ingredients purchased and delivered to me.

Pick up my elderly parents weekly and take them around town to shop and visit friends.

I’m out of town and my son lives in Memphis. Please purchase, create and deliver a care package.

I need a gate repaired, door hinges replaced and a bed frame assembled. 


Deliver groceries to my house every Friday before 4 and put everything up so I come home to a stocked kitchen every Friday.

Organize my attic.

Put up/take down my Christmas Lights.

I need three people to come help move furniture around my house.

I am moving into a new home and would like everything unpacked and organized.

Pickup my dry cleaning, and grab my prescription at the pharmacy.

I need a ride to the airport for 4 families.

Come detail my car and clean out my garage.

I need a plumber and someone to meet him at my home while I am at work.

Research various vacation offers and associated costs.

I have 5 families coming in town. Please set up hotels, some Memphis things to do, and a welcome gift.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Give us a call at 901.850.0033 and we will work on a customized solution for your needs!

Ask us about our fully customizable packages to help you save 10-20% on our services.


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