Level Nine Services is happy to announce our new partnership with personal chef and caterer Barry Abramson. Barry has been a chef for more than 40 years in Miami and Memphis, has worked for a variety of restaurants, including the Peabody Hotel, and has worked as a chef for one of the biggest gourmet hors D’oeuvre and canapés companies in the country. During his career, he has prepared many styles of cuisine from all over the world.image3434

In addition, Chef Barry specializes cuisine for people with allergies, health concerns, and special dietary needs. He can do the work for those who follow vegetarian, gluten-free, salt-free, and sugar-free diets. We recently sat down with Barry to talk with him a little more about the services he will now bring to our clients.

Level Nine: What is the best way for people to use your services?
BA: Call Level Nine Services and they will help with the arrangements.

L9: Who is your main audience and why?
BA: A family, couples, the elderly, people who are on special diets; anyone in need of custom meal preparation or meal service. I also provide catering, cooking parties for learning how to cook, private cooking lessons, wine dinners, and romantic dinners for two. I am a custom, to order personal chef, private chef, and caterer. I also provide traveling chef services.

L9: Do you also work with clients on other dishes they may have in mind?
BA: Oh definitely, there are some people who require special services and that’s what I’m all about is to cater to people who are particular in their food or the way they want it prepared and that is just one part of my service.

L9: Is this good for people who have strict diets?
BA: This is definitely good for someone who has to adhere to a strict diet and does not want the bother of having to plan the menu, shop, prepare, cook, clean up and all that goes with having to do that yourself.

L9: What are some of your favorite meals on the menu and why?
BA: I have learned that fresh food and good quality food is the basic thing that you need to provide a good and healthy delicious meal. With that in mind I have found over the years that the dishes with the fewest ingredients are the best. I love to cook with fresh fish, chicken, beef, and pork. People like that. I’d like to lean towards healthy dishes and even with pork you can have a healthy dish and so my focus is healthy fresh food at all times.

L9: What is the strangest request you’ve ever gotten for food?
BA: That food had to be cut to specific dimensions and that it had to be cooked a certain way in certain types of cookware. Nothing really strange as far as type of food.

L9: Why is your service a good value?
BA: Many people go out to eat often. With my service there is no loading into the car or having to get ready at a certain time. There’s no fighting the crowds, no driving time or waste of gas, no having to wait and possibly have bad service and no tipping All included you’re going to spend at least $35-$40 per person. With my service you can get chef prepared meals according to the specifications that you want and you can have this food at your leisure, quickly heated up for your enjoyment, ready to go and it’s all made with fresh food and, if  preferenced by the customer, can be made with organic foods. All without preservatives or extra salts or premade food that you would buy at a restaurant. I do all the work and you do all the enjoyment.

L9: What is your favorite thing to cook for yourself?
BA: I love to try new things and so I try to cook new things every day, but I would have to say the favorite thing I cook for myself are my sandwiches because I try to create new ones and they get very wild sometimes. I also like stews and soups.

L9: Why did you decide to partner with Level Nine?
BA: I love to cook and I am looking for every opportunity I can to get out to the Memphis area, possibly to the more elite, and to show my creativity and my 44 years experience in this industry. With the cuisine I prepare and the service I provide, I feel that Level Nine is a good vehicle for that. I am excited to be working with them and I hope it will be a fruitful experience for both of us and their clients.

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