The old saying goes, “If you don’t like the weather in Memphis, just wait for

tomorrow!” While that couldn’t be truer of the mild winter Memphis has had so far,

we think it’s safe to say that spring cleaning time isn’t just around the corner; it’s

starting now.

Level Nine Services is proud to use Aunt Key’s Apothecary as our exclusive

housecleaning resource. After several years of professionally cleaning residential

and commercial properties, owner Carla Worth decided to begin making her own

organic and all natural cleaning products. After many prompts from friends and

clients to start selling her sprays, Carla created the Aunt Key’s Apothecary brand of

cleaning sprays and integrated them into her cleaning business. As a mother of three

children, Carla understands the importance of a clean, natural home and can help

you tailor each housekeeping visit to your specific needs.  

Recently, Carla put down her custom made lemongrass and ginger all-purpose

cleaning spray to chat with us.

L9: How long have you been cleaning houses?

CW: I have been in the cleaning business for 7 years now.

L9: What was the reason you started Aunt Key’s? 

CW: I started Aunt Key’s to brand the business I was forming. The sprays that I

create are an important part of Aunt Keys. I named it “Aunt Keys Apothecary” as an

homage to my late great-great aunt who believed in using non-toxic cleaning


L9: What are some of the products you’ve created that you now use?

CW: We have an All Purpose Spray that can be used on counters, sinks, laminate

floors, bath tubs . . . just about anywhere and they come with natural lemongrass

and Ginger, Vanilla Rose, and Lavender scents. Our Wood Spray can be used on all

finished wood, including floors, and works wonderfully as a stainless steel

disinfectant and polish. For those, we use our Lemon and Neroli oils. Our special

Granite Spray was designed specifically for stone, marble, and granite. It disinfects

without corroding grout or sealant and comes in the Lemongrass and Lavender

scents. Our Bath Spray is for every surface in the bathroom and can be scented with

Tea Tree and Basil with Neroli or Eucalyptus and Lime. Finally, our Toy Cleaner,

lovingly titled “The Little Monster,” can be scented with any oil you choose.

L9: What are some of the places in a home that need cleaning the most that

people might not think about?

CW: It’s hard to say with every client having his or her own specific needs, but I

think of “out of sight out of mind.” I try to look under couch cushions and under

furniture as well as tops of fridges and doorframes. These areas can appear to be

clean but have an inch of dust on them.

L9: Why do you think it’s important to use local, organic, non-toxic products?

CW: I believe fully in living local to build Memphis’ economy. Small businesses

matter and we try to be as involved as possible with other small business. Our

products might cost a dollar or two more than a store bought natural cleaner, but

those extra dollars go to dance recitals or textbook fees for my staff. 

L9: Do you do large, commercial jobs?

CW: We currently have a few art galleries and offices that we service. We don’t

usually turn down anything that comes our way. 

L9: How often do you recommend clients have Level Nine schedule an Aunt

Key’s cleaning:

CW: Every client has different needs. For a single client I would suggest bi weekly or

monthly. A family of four I would suggest weekly, especially if there is a pet. I know

as a mother of three, I spend just as much time cleaning my own home each week as

I do cleaning others. 

L9: Why did you decide to partner with Level Nine?

CW: Because we believe in the power of small business and combining forces was

another step in creating a positive friendship with another local company. 

L9: What is your best advice for people to keep their homes clean and

germ free?

CW: Hire Level Nine, of course, but for the day-to-day clean; keeping surfaces wiped

down can play a huge part in keeping away germs. Kitchen counter tops can hold a

lot of nasty things so it’s important to wipe down any prep surfaces once they are

done being used.

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