Most of you have seen – are at least familiar with the plot of – the movie Driving Miss Daisy. In the film, an adult son realizes that it’s no longer safe for his fiercely independent, aging mother to drive her car. He then embarks on the endeavor to hire her a driver, much to her initial refusal and disdain. In many ways, it is art imitating life.

As the population of aging parents and grandparents rapidly grows and adult children are busier than ever with longer careers, less free time, and other time-consuming obligations, Level Nine Services understands that that the simple task of running errands for elderly relatives is more important than ever to keep them safe, and that’s why our friendly, experienced drivers are here to help.

With the holidays here, you’re likely to spend more time with your aging loved ones and this offers a great opportunity to either start the service or, perhaps more importantly, start the conversation. We realize the last thing you want to do is simply take away their keys and ignore their desire to remain independent, so we have a few tips.

First, have a heartfelt talk with them to express your concern about their safety and ask them how they feel about having someone drive them. If they don’t warm up to the idea immediately, remain gentle and supportive of their attitude but let them know this is simply for their safety and convenience and that, after all they’ve done for you they deserve this service.

You might start by using L9’s driving services together. Plan on outing with them and have L9 do the driving so they can become familiar with the easiness of it with you at their side. Make it a trip of errands that’s both fun and practical. For instance, take them for a visit to a museum or other entertaining experience followed by a trip to the grocery store, dry cleaners, or the pharmacy – or all of the above to show them that consolidating errands is efficient.

Then ease into having L9 drive them on their own. If your parents still own a car, we’ll even come to them and drive them to their errands in their own vehicle. That can make them feel even better about being less independent than they once were.

The best advantage of using L9 to drive your parents to and from wherever they need to go is the quality and friendliness of our carefully trained and vetted drivers, 70 percent of whom are military veterans and off duty police officers and fire department workers. They are always precisely on time, efficient, engaging, and helpful without ever being even seemingly condescending. We have a feeling that – much like the character and her driver in the film – your aging parents and our consistently professional drivers will emerge as trusted friends and they will come to look forward to all of the services L9 can provide them including housecleaning, lawn work, and more!

Please call us today for details, questions, and a consultation to make sure your parents and grandparents remain safe and happy as they age.

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