At Level Nine Services, we call it “the window.” It’s that window of time you can spend with your family after work before it’s time to go to bed. It’s that time for homework, dinner with family or friends, catching up on the day’s events, planning events to come, and just spending quality time with those you love. Unfortunately for many, that window is growing smaller and smaller for those whose lives and careers are becoming ever more demanding.

Level Nine, however, has a way to help.

At its simplest, Level Nine’s grocery shopping service, with experienced and efficient shopping specialists, can allow you to save that time you would normally spend shopping after work to hurry home and get dinner on the table. Leave all that parking, shopping, waiting in line, checking out, and the rest of those tedious chores to our team so you can enjoy spending more time doing what you love to do with your family and/or friends.

Think of simply coming home to a kitchen that is fully stocked with everything you need, from basics to specialty items to fresh meats, cheeses, produce, and other items our shoppers will carefully select for you. Especially with the holidays around the corner, this is one service you deserve!

If you’re like many people, so aren’t able to find everything you need at one grocery store because of favorites you may have at one store but other things you’d prefer to get from other stores. At Level Nine we feel that the last thing you should use your valuable time on is going from store to store. Our team is out there. We’re in the field already. If you’ll just tell us what you want and from which store or allow us to make suggestions for you, you’ll have so much more valuable time to sit back and enjoy life. We’ll also make liquor store runs for wine and other spirits, and if you’d like us to pick up prescriptions or dry cleaning or any other errands while we’re out getting your groceries, we are happy to take care of that as well.

For those of you who simply don’t have a lot of extra time on your hands for shopping and errands, and for those of you who might be homebound or have family members who are homebound, Level Nine Services is here to take care of all those needs and make your life much easier and carefree.

Please contact us 850-0033 with 24 to 48 hours advance notice and let us shop for you so that you don’t have to drop everything and do that in addition to all that you are already doing. You are worth it.

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